Separation Agreements

When a marriage is falling apart, emotions can be overwhelming. But a marriage is much more than just emotion—if you have children, own a house, have joint bank accounts, or own a business, your case may be legally complex and require the services of an experienced law firm.

If you or your spouse want to divorce, there will often need to be a physical separation before filing for divorce.  You should consult with a qualified family law attorney to negotiate and draft a written agreement that addresses property, support, the children, and any other marital issues.  If an agreement cannot be reached on all of the elements of the separation, a court can make temporary or “pendente lite” orders for many issues including custody, support, possession of the marital home, life insurance, and attorney’s fees while you are preparing for a final divorce hearing.

Consult with an attorney at Stiles Ewing Powers PC to discuss the logistics of separation and what steps you need to take to begin or formalize the separation.  We are trained in negotiation, mediation, and Collaborative Law, as well as litigation techniques to help you reach the best outcome for your family.