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Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements – Reconciliation Agreements

There are many situations that may cause engaged or married couples to consider premarital or post marital agreements, including second marriages, inheritances, large discrepancy in wealth, or a change in goals.

Virginia permits couples to enter into written agreements before or during their marriage in which they may set forth certain stipulations as to spousal support and how assets should be allocated in the event of a separation and divorce.

Such agreements may also be helpful to couples with significant premarital assets they wish to protect.

In some cases, a married couple may decide to separate, but do not plan to divorce — yet. A separation agreement provides a way for such a couple to protect their financial and legal interests while they are living their lives independently.

If a divorce later occurs, property division at that point may be greatly simplified by the existing separation agreement.

If the two decide to reconcile, on the other hand, the separation agreement can spell out property ownership and child custody after the reconciliation.

The best source of information on premarital, post marital, separation, or reconciliation agreements is a knowledgeable family law attorney. Our lawyers understand clients’ specific goals and can interpret existing laws and how they will apply to individual circumstances.

For many couples contemplating a second or third marriage, another common goal of a prenuptial agreement is to ensure that children from a previous marriage are not shortchanged, regardless of the outcome of the new marriage.

Family law attorneys of the law offices of Stiles Ewing Powers PC are certified mediators and collaborative law practitioners. Our finely tuned negotiation skills are useful for clients who wish to have a clear understanding of the legal status that they and their intended will have after a marriage.

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