Mediation & Collaborative Law

Mediation and Collaborative Law

Certified Mediators – Certified Collaborative Family Law Practitioners

Mediation is a process where a third party, usually an experienced attorney or retired judge, meets with the parties and their attorneys and uses his or her expertise to guide them toward a mutually agreeable settlement of some or all of their disputed issues. The process is informal and allows both the attorneys and the clients to participate. More than 80% of mediations result in a settlement.

Collaborative law is a divorce procedure in which the parties agree to employ a team approach where the parties, their attorneys, and other specialists work together to resolve issues pertaining to the divorce. A key component of collaborative law is that if the process fails, and litigation is the only recourse, the original attorneys must withdraw from the case, and the parties must hire new counsel.

Mediation and collaborative law are two approaches to family law that allow the parties to direct their own division of assets and support, rather than having a court decide the outcome. The spouses or parents, who will ultimately live with the results, can have a direct input into the design and control the resolution.

The key to success in mediation and collaborative law is the guidance of a knowledgeable, experienced family law attorney. Many of our lawyers are certified mediators and collaborative lawyers.

Representing clients in mediation or guiding them through the collaborative law process requires a separate set of skills and experience. Our attorneys are trained problem solvers and advocates, and they frequently serve as mediators in complex family law cases in the Richmond area. Three of our attorneys have been certified as mediators by the Virginia Supreme Court.As with litigation, success in mediation and collaborative law requires strategy and preparation. Our attorneys recognize that these methods can resolve disputes, and our experience will help guide you through these processes.

Learn how mediation or collaborative law can ease the stress of a divorce or child custody dispute. Contact the law offices of Stiles Ewing Powers PC.

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