Legal Separation

Legal Separation in Virginia

Achieving Legal Separation While Living Separately or Living Together

Virginia Family Court requires that couples observe a period of legal separation before they file for a no-fault divorce. A minimum of six (6) months of legal separation if there is a written separation agreement and there are no minor children. A minimum of twelve (12) months of legal separation if the spouses have not signed a written separation agreement or if there are children of the marriage.

If you need help reaching a separation agreement to address issues such as who will live in the home, how the bills are paid, and who will care for the children, we can help.

Some couples separate without any intent to divorce, due to religious restrictions or other reasons. Legal separation does not require you to get divorced.

With the difficult job market and slow-growing economy, many couples are finding it financially challenging to live apart. For some couples it is possible to live separately under the same roof. If you are considering such an arrangement, speak to a divorce attorney at Stiles Ewing Powers PC to ensure you understand what you should and should not do in order to comply with Virginia’s legal separation requirement. The truth is most couples will find they cannot live together during the separation period. It is usually better to make a clean break. Our divorce attorney can talk with your about the specifics of your situation and help you decide how best to move forward.

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