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Child Custody – Visitation – Child Support

Child Custody or Child Support Modification

Disagreements between parents regarding child custody or child visitation can be difficult and emotional for both the parents and the children. In resolving most disagreements, the courts focus on one primary consideration: what is in the best interests of the children?

At Stiles Ewing Powers PC we represent divorcing parents dealing with the legal issues inherent in dividing the financial and emotional responsibility of raising their children.

Psychological as well as financial matters come into play when determining child custody arrangements and child support. Child custody evaluations are an important part of the process in more difficult cases.

In the context of the discussion on child related matters, topics of dialogue may include the following:

  • Factors that determine the amount of child support that a non-custodial parent will be responsible for
  • Ways of assigning responsibility for “extras” such as braces or college tuition which are not covered by statutes
  • Ways of determining each parent’s income, including self employed parents, or business owners for whom business valuation with the assistance of economists, vocational experts, or accountants is necessary
  • The role that mutual consent can play in reaching an agreement regarding child custody, private school tuition, college tuition, or other matters not spelled out in Virginia statutes

There is no presumption in Virginia favoring one parent over the other. The courts try to devise an arrangement which protects the children when necessary and allows them to benefit from the love and guidance of both parents when possible.

The children’s “best interests” are not just words at this law firm. We work with mental health professionals who understand the many facets of parent-child bonds. They are well-qualified to testify from an informed viewpoint as lawyers of Stiles Ewing Powers PC advocate on behalf of parents seeking custody or visitation rights.

To schedule a consultation on a child custody, child visitation, child support issue, or other family law matter, contact Stiles Ewing Powers PC.

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