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The family law attorneys at Stiles Ewing Powers PC, are effective legal advocates devoted to helping families move forward by resolving their legal concerns. Our firm has brought together a group of highly experienced lawyers committed to the single purpose of providing high quality legal representation to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Adoption: Biological parents, adoptive parents, and prospective adoptees rely on an adoption lawyer’s diligence to ensure that an adoption is legally secure.

Child Custody, Visitation and Support: “The children’s best interests” — those are not just words. Child custody lawyers of Stiles Ewing Powers PC understand the lifelong importance of maintaining the parent-child bond, as well as establishing the proper amount of child support. We help with initial custody and support orders, as well as modification of orders, parental-child relocation cases, and international child custody matters.

Divorce: Many people believe that “no fault” divorce is the norm. But when cruelty, adultery, or desertion factor into a divorce, these issues can influence the decision of the court no matter how the marital dissolution is labeled.

Legal Separation: Whether you are seeking a legal separation as a prelude to divorce, or do not plan to seek divorce for religious or other reasons, decisions of property and support must be agreed upon in order for each member of the couple to move forward with their lives.

Mediation/Collaborative Law: Mediation and collaborative law allow the parties to direct the outcome of their case, rather than letting the court decide.

Premarital and Post marital Agreements: There are many situations that may lead an engaged or married couple to consider a premarital or a postnuptial agreement, including second marriages, inheritances, large discrepancy in wealth, or a change in goals.

Property Division/Equitable Distribution: A “fair” division of marital assets in a divorce is not always a fifty-fifty division. Equitable distribution of property must consider complicated assets such as pension or retirement funds, stock options, and the value of contributions of a stay-at-home parent. If one or both members of the couple own a business, there will be issues related to the value of a business.

Spousal Support: Individual circumstances typically dictate whether spousal support is required, and if so, how much. Self-employed business people, medical students on the brink of a promising career, and earners whose income is not easily determined through recent income tax returns require careful scrutiny during divorce negotiations.

Wills, Trusts, & Estate Planning: Changes in family status are often a prime reason to draft or update estate planning documents.

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